Uutensil Smash - Mortar & Pestle

Product Features

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We've bought the mortar and pestle closer together.By designing a bigger pestle that snugly fits the curve of the mortar you get a larger grinding surface. And as you use your palm to rotate the pestle rather than mashing and pounding - it works faster and goes easier on you. Oh! and we've also added stylish grooves underneath which help to capture spices and hold them in place - so no more chasing peppercorns across your worktop. The neat size of Smash with an 8cm bowl won't take up too much space on your worktop.Smash won't let the grind get you down!Üutensil is a British company that designs exciting and innovative kitchen products. The modern and stylish utensils stand out in your kitchen. They use a blank slate approach to cooking tasks that allows for new and better ways of preparing food.Üutensil - changing the way we cook.