Ternate Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder Acrylic Chrome-Plated 10 CM

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The high-quality Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder Acrylic Chrome-Plated "recorded" 10 cm High may not a budget are lacking. spices are very different; therefore, Peugeot Various mechanisms developed with specific characteristics adapted to the respective Gewürze. therefore, every spice its full Aroma curd by your individuality, adapted to the specific requirements of grated product, look for the Original Peugeot Grinders ihresgleichen. often copies worldwide, but never erreicht... Nutmeg Grinder Diameter 10 cm, Height 9 cm Product features:-Great design-high-quality acrylic Peugeot crushing mill-Chrome Finish-incl. 6 nutmeg

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