Obique Country Kitchen Collection Handmade Wooden Garlic Mortar & Pestle

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Obique Wooden Country Kitchen Products

Obique Ltd is a British family operated business that specialises in the design, manufacture, import

and retail of real wood products. With offices and a distribution warehouse in the UK and offices,warehousing and manufacturing facilities in Europe, we are able to source Obique branded products

from all over the EU.

The Obique range of Wooden Country Kitchen Utensils are manufactured in the EU.

All Obique Wooden Country Kitchen Utensils are produced from sustainable forestry resources.

The Obique Wooden Country Kitchen Utensils have a rustic look and feel and are;

Depending on the item, made from European fruit and pine woods.

Add charm and ambiance to any kitchen due to the characteristics associated with real wood products.

Are largely hand made by local European craftsmen to Obique's design specifications.

NOTE: Please understand that these items are a natural handmade product and will never be "perfect". That is whatmakes them rustic and beautiful. Tone, smoothness, shape, etc., are all rustic and never machine made......Please keep this in mind when you buy these products.