AdHoc Schuhbecks Manual Spice Mill Stainless Steel/Acrylic with Ceramic Grinding Mechanism, Height 16 cm (H. Nr. AS02)

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This mill make use of AdHoc innovation: it has an automatic grinder closure. With its extra large spice container makes the AdHoc Spice Mill can be used for salt, pepper and dried spices. Alfons Schuhbeck is the Erneuerer the Bavarian Kitchen - it will be the in a stunning way to culinary traditions with a contemporary kitchen work, and to bring beautiful designs. This very same spring-loaded wings Masters, also from our product designers of AdHoc again to's new - Closer To What lag so, as the relevant experiences in a line, Flow according to down. The from this collaboration resulting products contain Alfons Schuhbecks stars kitchen and his chef's School even the toughest of jobs. And what the master of cooking even in tray has and is safe for those that means some hobby cooking according to take hold of the stars. Innovation: with ceramic grinding mechanism Ceramic has a higher degree hardness and density than metal and is therefore wear-free and non-corrosive. Ceramic is also odourless and neutral in taste and brings the unique freshly ground flavour spices on the full development. On the AdHoc with ceramic grinding mechanism provide a AdHoc 30 years guarantee. Innovation: The Grinder fastener thanks to innovative closure mechanism is the shedding of neatly where you out of the milling mechanism when stop the mill. Keeping any shelf or table cloth clean in the future. 5 year AdHoc Warranty on all products from the fact it is so effective that its results own work is similar to the AdHoc be convinced that it is the products for normal use 5 year guarantee. Those to with every single item Lots and endless joy. Product Features: - Material: Stainless Steel/Acrylic with ceramic grinding mechanism - Pepper guide included - Dimensions: Height: 16 cm, diameter 6 cm - 5 year guarantee on the product and 30 years warranty on the grinding mechanism

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